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Wings of Fire Book 1 – The Dragonet Prophecy Review

Wings of Fire Book 1 - The Dragonet ProphecyHello! Today I am going to write my very first book review of one of my recently read books. It is called Wings of Fire Book One: The Dragonet Prophecy. Hope you enjoy!

The author’s name is Tui T. Sutherland. She is the author of several books for young readers. To learn more about her, visit her online at

This book’s genre is Adventure, and Fantasy, so if you like fantasy or adventure, this book is for you! I love it because it is about dragons and it has a lot of adventure. When I finished, I begged my parents for the second book (I got it and when I finish I’ll do a review on that too!). This book is recommended for kids between 3rd and 7th grade. Continue reading